Bringing ideas to life OR more life to your ideas?

Already David Ogilvy commented that it’s not creative unless it sells. You will hear many things when you try to sell your idea in corporations or even small companies:

  • It’s a great idea but unfortunately, we don’t have the budget
  • That’s all very good in theory, but in my experience…
  • I like it, but the CEO would never agree
  • You need to be more specific about your proposal
  • If it’s that good, why hasn’t somebody else thought of it before?
  • Let’s wait until the new organization has settled down
  • The money wouldn’t come to this department anyway…
  • This is a short-term solution; we’re more interested in the long-term

Don’t get wasted! Your imagination is always good enough to start at least with a test inventure process and you will enjoy it. Maybe you will need 10.000 ideas like Edison or you will be more successful with inventures like Tesla – just don’t forget the business model like him. Inventure cycle as Tina Seelig teach on Stanford is showing us the process to make our ideas fly: Actions + Attitudes are required at each step along the way:

  1. Imagination requires engagement + the ability to envision alternatives
  2. Creativity requires motivation + experimentation to address challenges
  3. Innovation requires focusing + re-framing to generate unique solutions
  4. Entrepreneurship requires persistence + the ability to inspire others

Don’t waste your ideas – if your actions and attitudes are right on first three steps you can accelerate your entrepreneurship power also with a free Udacity course by Steve Blank here.

Think less, stupid more.